Networked Rites and the Quest for

Morphic Fields of Compassion   


The Masterclass was the first edition of cutting-edge creative and educational opportunities for visionaries, seekers and new generation of designers exploring the frontiers of consciousness, science and art. For info on new opportunities, workshops and Masterclass, contact us via the CFI, an online academy and networked platform for the exploration of technoetic arts and consciousness with an emphasis on the spiritual in film and the arts .


Ritualistic Art, the Collective Mind as Creative Artist, and the Serpentine Cosmic DNA Dance of Evolution and Emergence


Masterclass in the mythic landscape of the island of Kefalonia, Greece in conjunction with the local feast of the Holy Snakes of Mary

11-16 August, 2015

at The Ionion Center for Arts and Culture, Kefalonia, Greece


Led by Dr Lila Moore – Advanced Research Associate at the

I-Node of Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, deviser of The Cybernetic Institute for the Exploration of Technoetic Arts, Consciousness and the Spiritual in Art.

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